The Continuing Adventures of John Blade, Super Spy

Evil Professor Tantamount has threatened the Earth. It’s up to John Blade, Super Spy to save the world… again. Will he stop the plot, kill the henchmen, bang the girl? Or will this be an adventure unlike any other?

"It’s all impressive, but Encinas’s script is the real lethal weapon, one that manages to disarm us again and again with the element of surprise...The jokes—so many jokes—pack even more of a punch than the, uh, kicks." - Chris Klimek, Washington City Paper Hip Shot
"5 Stars" - Joe Feldman, DC Theatre Scene

The Tournament

A woman with no way out. A slacker seeks to prove himself. These two will put their bodies on the line against fighters from around the world. Spirits will be tested. Blood will be spilt. Asses. Will. Be. Kicked.

 "The whole thing feels like a bunch of hilarious fight choreographers got together and made each other laugh and go, “Cool.” - Rachel Manteuffel, Washington Post
"The Tournament simultaneously maintains camp violence and adorable comedy, making it fun for whomever likes a bit of fight, a bit of fun, and a bit of getting lost in a staged competition." - Alan Katz,

Script sample requests can be submitted through the contact page.